Technology In Our Society

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James Clive once said: “It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.” (1) Technology has become more prevalent and widespread amongst teenagers and children over the past decade than it has ever been. Parents are now reminiscing about the days when children created their own peaceful form of play that did not require any complex technologies or parental supervision. A study constructed in 2010 illustrated that young teenagers aged 12-15, use on average a shocking 7.5 hours of entertainment technology daily.(2)Long gone are those days of joyful conversations at the dinner table and family gatherings, nowadays replaced by the ominous glow of big screen. Will parents and guardians surrender to this vicious tumor that is obliterating the morals of our children? The escalating use of modern technological devices and social networking websites is being held responsible for many ills seen in our current societies that were much less prevalent in the past. Exposure to technology has made modern-day children more vile and belligerent than previous generations. For example, an abundance of modern video games are extremely addictive and encourage psychotic brutality, which has lead to a steady increase in…show more content…
Hence, it is essential to come together as parents, teachers, and therapists to help our society acknowledge the devastating on the behavioral and psychological health of our children, and their social relationships. Technology is constantly advancing and we will not be able to stop that, we should be aware of its effects, and we should take action to maintain and perhaps even improve the presumably declining behavior of our children. Parents are now resorting to provide their children with a very dangerous unpaid babysitter, which is technology, therefore creating an irreversible crater in the relationship between a parent and his
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