Technology In Ray Bradbury's 'The Veldt'

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In today’s world, technology is everything. Smartphones, computers, tablets, and televisions are all at our fingertips. Ray Bradbury, a futuristic author, wrote many stories and novels about a futuristic society, where humans became engrossed in technology. His stories usually occur in the years 2030-2050. These stories are indeed a few decades before now, but the author correctly predicted the future. In “The Veldt”, technology has grown out of control. Humans live in futuristic houses that do all the work for them. Furthermore, the humans have to determine if the technology is helping their lives, or destroying them. In modern times, technology has had a negative factor, leading to distant relationships with others. Admittedly, technology…show more content…
People are in contact now more than ever. Granted, it’s a great tool to use, but it can become too much. In today’s society, people have most of their conversations with one another through some form of technology. With this in mind, it proceeds to develop detached relationships. For instance, we don’t see the need to have face to face conversations due to the comfort of technology. After time, this becomes an issue- we hide behind screens, and don’t know how to hold a real conversation anymore. Additionally, we start to lose our connections with others, and becoming reliant on technology for our connections. For instance, in Ray Bradbury’s “The Pedestrian”, humans are becoming more reliant on technology. “Ever since a year ago, 2052, the election year, the force had been cut down from three cars to one. Crime was ebbing; there was no need now for the police, save for this one lone car wandering and wandering the empty streets.” (The Pedestrian 1). In the futuristic society that is described in the story,…show more content…
People and society don’t realize the consequences of their actions and dependance right now, but they will realize later on. All the technicality of our lives is oblivious now, due to the sheer amount of appearance technology has in our daily lives. Technology is a tool that needs use in moderation- not use for total control of our
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