Technology In Schools

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As the year 's pass, humans today are adapting to technology. Each day there is yet another realize for the iPhone with new updates along with Sprint having the new and latest smartphones available. However, do we need all this technology? Sitting on our phones and laptops all day is each minute we are losing our humanity. Technology such as the electronic tablets schools are considering to purchase can cause many headaches, and use students time on things such as sitting on their bed with their device. Us humans are now addicted to our phones and laptops not realizing how much our world is changing around us. Thus, schools shouldn 't purchase electronic devices for each student.

In schools, teachers have access to many different sources on websites and ebooks. However, why do the students need to be provided with devices such as tablets? Teachers should communicate with their students not make them distant and emotionless. Using tablets can make children independent, which is sometimes beneficial, however, the students are limited to connecting to the world outside them. On Ted talk, a man by the name of Marshal Jones created a poem titled "Touch Screen" which explains how humans use technology to connect with others instead of havinghuman
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Educational tools should be teachers, games, books, just not tablets. If humans didn 't need technology 40 years ago, why now? Why do we have to risk every piece of humanity we have left inside us just to be on a tablet? Connecting with students and having a teacher and student bond is important in a student 's life. Not having physical exercise even having it available twice a week can lead to health issues. Tablets can be useful for students to get in contact with teachers when in need of help but also creating fake friends can destroy a child when they find out. Therefore, purchasing tablets for students can help to connect with other students but how much do we have to sacrifice for that
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