Black Mirror Theory

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The netflix original Black Mirror is a thrilling show on netflix. It is an electrifying scientific series. There are four seasons and each episode of each season has a different storyline. Black Mirror is takes place in a dystopian world. Throughout this whole series the audience is introduced to very advanced and different technology like in season one: episode three, “The Entire History of You”. In this episode people have these devices in the back of their ear called grains. This stores people’s memories and keeps them accessible at anytime. Another great example of the advanced technology is in season: four episode 1, “USS Callister”. In this episode a man can clone people into a game by using their DNA. In season four: episode…show more content…
He has a background in neuro technician. Many of his creations have to deal with the mind. My theory is that he invented most of the technology in the Black Mirror series. Since the show is called Black Mirror and the episode where Rolo Haynes is introduced is called “Black Museum”, I think that this has a correlation to how these inventions throughout Black Mirror were invented. In the episode “Black Museum”, Nish gets a tour of the museum from Rolo Haynes. The first artifact Rolo Haynes explains to her is a neurotransmitter. The neurotransmitter can transfer physical sensations to a neuro receiver. He gives it to Dr. Dawson to use on his patients. The idea was that Dr. Dawson would put the neurotransmitter on his patients and he would experience their pain through a neuro receiver that was drilled into…show more content…
He doesn’t get much credit for his invention of his games because his co founder takes all the credit and his bossy and mean to him. Because of this, people in the office don’t treat him with the respect he thinks he deserves. He has his own private program of the game that he uses to feel better about himself and get his anger out. He puts this device on his temple and the device puts him into this Star Trek like game. He has this technology where he clones people in his office by getting some of their DNA and processing it into the technology. The people from the office that are in his game did something in the pass to offend him and now he his making a clone of them suffer for it. Robert also gets the clone of the co founder to do what he wants in the game by threatening to put the co founder. He says that he will clone the co founders son again and throw him into outer space. Robert still has the boys DNA because he got his hands on one of the boys lollipops. A new girl on the job is very appreciative of his work on the video game. On her first day she tells him how much she respects his work. Robert puts her in the game by getting her DNA off of a coffee cup at work. He does this because she is very pretty wants to have a relationship with her. This cloning technology is very similar to the one that Rolo Haynes invented because he puts the minds of people in a game
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