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The importance of technology in the novel already shows in its title. Bleeding Edge refers to bleeding edge technologies. This term indicates the speed of technological progress. Similarly, the title has a metaphorical meaning. Bleeding Edge can be interpreted as a wound (Kelly). However, it can also refer to a loss of sharpness as in “the habit things have of ceasing to be themselves – in this case, things such as the internet and New York” (Robson). In other words, technology is evolving so fast that it becomes a shadow of itself, not knowing what will be invented next. Accordingly, we live in a world of knowledge, in which the unknown causes fear. Many critics have tried to define technology. In his article “Structures and Machines: the…show more content…
Technological references cover the scope of the novel. Bleeding Edge chronicles the daily life of fraud investigator and mom of two, Maxine Tarnow, in New York City. The story takes place in the aftermath of the dot-com boom and around the time of the 9/11 attacks. Maxine’s attention is drawn to a computer security company that did not suffer under the dot-com boom called Hashslingrz and its executive Gabriel Ice. Maxine uncovers evidence that Ice funnels money to the Emirates via Hawala. Hence, she suspects that the dot-com boom and 9/11 were a set-up. This leads her to DeepArcher, computer software created by Lucas and Justin. Later, DeepArcher becomes capitalised under Gabriel Ice’s scam. The story’s content is defined by hidden connections, alternate realities, detailed technological references and “the plight of people caught up in the gears of a ravenous and gargantuan techno-political machine,” (Kakutani 1) i.e. the Internet. The idea that the Internet is free for all and at the same time a means of monitoring and monetising (Robson), coincides with Pynchon’s notion of “cognitive dissonance” (2). He explains this in his essay “The Road to 1984,” which is discussed later in this

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