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the Car Industry
Global competition in the car industry is another issue which car manufacturers need to monitor closely. Countries like China, for example regularly produce top quality vehicles at less cost than most other countries. Helmut Becker, former chief economist of a German automotive corporation has provided an analysis in a book called High Noon of the Automotive Industry which discusses Asian car manufacturer’s dominance in the automotive industry. According to Helmut Becker, “This book wishes to banish the illusion that all western manufacturers and suppliers can successfully handle the unavoidable adaptation to the pressures of predatory competition.” And “A single business cannot alter the predetermined global trend. It can only adapt better than its competitors – or give up.” Becker, H. (2006). High noon in the automotive industry. Berlin: Springer. This speaks volumes to the way things were in the automotive
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As a result, the need to update that technology will be a huge factor in determining a vehicles life cycle or the consumers desire to have technology that is most current in their vehicles. The arrival of the new wave of Connected Cars is an example of new vehicle technology. A connected car simply put, is one which has an internet connection and or a wireless network. provides data regarding 5 new technologies for the connected car One of the most exciting recent technological vehicle advances enables a parent to monitor their teenagers driving through their smart phone, and yet another is called “Just Drive”. This technology was introduced by Jaguar Land Rover and it allows a consumer to simply ask a question and the technology sorts through the available apps in order to say for example, find a restaurant. While all of

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