Technology In The Hospitality Industry

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In this era, technology has affected the society and surroundings in many ways. Technology also helps today’s global economy to rise and meet the new leisure level. Technology is commonly known as information and communication technology (ICT) applied in the hospitality industry as important strategic asset (Cho and Olsen, 1998). The purpose of this study is to understand the role of technology played in hospitality industry and also to determine the level of knowledge of current technology in hospitality industries and also to understand its future requirement and benefits in hospitality industries. Studies shows that the usage of technology has been grown up and much more convenient to the customers, examples are self-check-in, in room check out, food service kiosk (Kasavana, March 2005). People have understood the benefits of technology in the form of enhancing customer’s service and operational efficiency. Mobile handled device such as personal digital assistants (PDA), tablets, PCs and cellular phones are the most significant IT applications. There are 5 examples of technology usage in hospitality industries and its benefits in this project. Technologies Menu displaying Device. Today, handheld devices such as smart phone, tablet, or laptop are very useful for everyone. It is also very convenient for almost all of the industry such as culinary industry. They want to be connected everywhere they go at home, at the office, on the road, and even when they go out to
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