Technology In Hospitality Industry

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In this era, technology has affected the society and surroundings in many ways. Technology also helps today’s global economy to rise and meet the new leisure level. Technology is commonly known as information and communication technology (ICT) applied in the hospitality industry as important strategic asset (Cho and Olsen, 1998).
The purpose of this study is to understand the role of technology played in hospitality industry and also to determine the level of knowledge of current technology in hospitality industries and also to understand its future requirement and benefits in hospitality industries.
Studies shows that the usage of technology has been grown up and much more convenient to the customers, examples are self-check-in, in room
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Having a sign on the door that says “We have Wi-Fi” brings people in, keeps them there longer, and keeps them coming back. To support a full house of patrons using Wi-Fi all at the same time all downloading large amounts of content and data – it is important to have a high-capacity connection out to the Internet that supports the Wi-Fi network.

Technology is also transforming the way guests order and pay. Some restaurants and bars enable customers to order and pay their bill on a touch-screen right at the table. One-click ordering leads to more food and drink orders, while tableside bill payment can deliver tips directly into a server’s account.

The influence of technology toward restaurant industry is not only on how the products are produced but also how products are presented on the menu. Menu has been considered as a marketing tool and printed advertisement since it conveys message to customers and affects sales directly (Kwong, 2005; Reynolds, Merritt, & Pinckney,
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The benefits are technology is easy to use. There is no need to keep software or a server I the restaurant, everything is accessed online and updated in the cloud. We need only internet connection to connect with the system. The staffs and the consumer don’t need to go to for any training to learn about the technology. It’s all easy.

Furthermore, by having a technology in a restaurant industry, it will reduce the waiting time, because mobile order reduces the time taken to transmit the order to the kitchen staff, so it shows that the customer can get the food quickly. They also can made payment for the food without moving from their table.

Besides that, technology helps to increase sales, with the help of mobile menu device, the food is being delivered fast and accurate and very fewer problems takes place, and it improvise the whole experience.

Some restaurants take this a part of marketing skills in their business. It also becomes and entertainment for the visitors who come to seek a unique experience. They can order food, check on the menu, play games and also watch movies from the tablet, which entertains the customer helps them to forget about the waiting time of the

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