Essay About Hotel Industry

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The hotel industry is a field within a service industry which includes not only event planning, cruise line, theme line, transportation and lodging but also additional services within industry of tourism. It is a multi-billion dollar industry which depends on availability of disposable industry and leisure time. Hospitality units like hotels, amusement parks, or restaurants have many groups like direct operations such as bar tenders, kitchen workers, housekeepers, servers, human resources, and marketing and facility maintenance.
Efficient operations and impeccable customer care service gives hospitality which is a decided advantage when it comes to competition and also improving technology in the hotel industry allows businesses
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The importance of technology to the hotels increased today and the professional hotel managers’ embraced then change as it is a powerful tool in ensuring guests’ satisfaction. As the new technology is making giant strides in hospitality, so does the importance of all the opportunities to interact with the guests. (Philippines, 1977). The professional concierges together with other employees fully understood that with few human interactions, as every opportunity of interacting with the guests should be executed flawlessly with a very warm smile they can create a pleasant and a long lasting…show more content…
Having new technology features like smartphones room entry eliminates the formality of arriving at the front desk since the guests who use are using the new technology will reserve their room online. When checking in, they will be receiving texts messages having their room numbers which is linked to the guest preferred membership card. After the arrival they will just go straight to their respective rooms using their smartphones or by using the punching
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