Essay On Movie Technology

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Shagandeep Singh Bhatia n01209019 The use of technology has increased tremendously in the past couple of decades. Almost every movie that is released today has some sort of technology involved in it. The most common examples of the technology used in the movies are the editing software which are used to give special effects in these movies. Another common tech is the green screen which pairs with the editing software to help make the scenes that would have otherwise been impossible to shoot using the real life sets. However the technologies that are shown in the movies are extremely advanced and cool looking. This essay will describe one such movie where the tech shown in the movie is much advanced, and will describe the different aspects…show more content…
He had a big arc reactor to power the energy needs for the stark tower. While he was inside that cave, he made a small arc reactor that also acted as an electromagnet which functioned: to keep that shrapnel away from his heart and to power the first iron man suit. When he escaped from the cave, he created a new and better version of the arc reactor which is way more powerful than the previous one. However, this arc reactor had a palladium core which slowly poisoned his blood. So he discovered a new element to power his arc reactor. Stark’s arc reactor is capable of powering the entire suit and creating powerful energy beams which he used against enemies in the combat. Arc reactor’s power is also synthesised in powering the repulsor beams. These beams are placed in the hands, feet and back of the iron man suit which are ideal positions to help Stark control the speed and direction of the flight. They can also created a repulsive blast which he used to repel enemies and damage them in the combat. Although it is shown in the movie, but in reality manufacturing of the repulsor beam is nearly impossible (yet) because it is very difficult to pack a high amount of energy in a small
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