Technology And 21st Century Essay

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Understanding Changes In Technology & The Internet, In The U.S In The Late 20th Century
And/or Early 21st Century (1980 – 2000’s)

This paper explores the major political, social and economic changes from 1980 to present, most importantly changes in internet and technology in the U.S particularly during the late 20th Century. This paper defines “internet age”, how it developed particularly during the late 20th Century and/or early 21st Century (1980s – 200s) and more importantly, what it felt like living through these important times in history and how these developments have helped shape the future of technology especially in the U.S.

The Internet age has in the past been defined in various ways. One, it is an umbrella term for the period during the late 20th Century and/or early 21st Century (1980 – 2000) in which information made its way around the world making it possible for people to communicate around the world (Computer Desktop Encyclopedia).
It has also been defined as the period in time when abundant publication, manipulation and consumption of information by various gadgets such as computers and IT networks took place usually during the late 20th Century and/or early 21st Century (1980 – 2000), (Farlex, The Free Dictionary).
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Businesses were not left out. Other complicated gadgets such as the IBM Selectric typewriter replaced the ordinary ball point pen making it easier for those in the office to conduct their affairs. Fiber optics and Digital technology was introduced during this time paving the way for other telecommunication and business communications systems services in the U.S. Inventions during this time led to the introduction of quality technical standards such as CDMA, a move that led to increased performance in mobile phone systems of the time. Faxes were also introduced in most offices for use for businesses and inter personal
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