Technology In The Movie Gattaca

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Although it is not yet occurring, technology could change the world’s society by beginning to genetically engineer fetuses before they are born. In my opinion, this should not occur because it will make everyone fake and set up to be perfect. As of now, a gene-editing technology named CRISPR is being used to cure and lessen the chance of diseases. Someday, our future could be portrayed like the one in the movie Gattaca because it does not seem impossible. Gattaca is about a man who dreams of traveling into outer space, but cannot due to the fact that he was not genetically engineered. Therefore, he purchases another man’s genes so that he could pursue his dream. With the right technology, scientists could easily create designer babies by changing certain things in their DNA. On the contrary, the movie had a character switch his genes in order to be identified as someone else, which seems to be impossible for now. There are many different…show more content…
It is a good thing, as a result of that, it can cure many diseases and will be able to cure tons more in the future. With that being said, it will lead us to an overall healthier society. This could turn into another issue though, because it means that our world will become more overpopulated than it already is since more people will be alive. On the downside, it could be a bad thing because of how it will change our whole life one day. A future like Gattaca will be terrible to have for the reason that everybody and everything will be fake. It may even end up being that people will have similar genes. Biodiversity, the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem, is what keeps us healthy and unique. If almost every person were to be “designed”, they would not be who they were meant to be and they would all be perfect. Try to imagine a world filled with humans acting like robots; the people will hardly differ from each
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