Technology In 'The Veldt' By Ray Bradbury

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Theme Essay Kids nowadays are often glued to their phones and miss out on social experiences. They become hard to talk to and often socially awkward around others. This ruins friendships with friends and family. The science fiction short story, “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury clearly portrays this throughout the novel. “The Veldt” takes place in the near future where the Hadley family quickly begins to fall apart as technology takes over their family. The technology in the house replaces every daily task us people do today.Wendy and Peter, the children, begin to rely on technology to live their life, they become rude and can't look their parents in their eyes while talking to them. The parents, George and Lydia, lose control of their children after they become indulgent to their kids with technology. In the short story, Ray Bradbury highlights how the overuse of technology can make children act irresponsible and disrespectfully. Throughout the story, Bradbury illustrates how Wendy and Peter act disrespectfully to their parents. Mr. Hadley shuts down all the technology in the house because it was spoiling their kids. In return, the kids scream at their parents in absurd ways such as, “I wish you were dead!”…show more content…
The kids are annoyed of their parents thoughts of terminating the technology and want to get rid of them. The technology has changed their lives and forever will. Most people can relate to this, as kids these days have the same connections to their phones. Our generation of kids will not bother to look up while talking due to the obsession of their new Instagram post. They won't sit down at the dinner table with their family without sending that one last Snapchat. They won't sit down and hang out with their friends unless they finish watching their favorite Netflix show. Just like in “The Veldt”, the kids won't give their technology a break and think about the essential things in
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