Technology In The Workplace

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The accelerated advancement in technology has been well-documented over time. In recent times, driven by the momentum of connectivity and cognitive technology the nature of work is changing. Cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence are making consistent progress and growing in sophistication. This emphasizes the crucial need for Enterprises and their HR leaders to design and manage the future of work, workforces, and workplaces accordingly.
Technologies such as mobility, cloud computing, web conferencing and tele-presence are powering connectivity across the globe and allowing people to work remotely. Thus, increasing the opportunity to utilize people capability without requiring people to move Today employees are not bound by
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The key to success is to give employees a voice in the planning process, and allow them the choice of when, where, and how they work. With workers increasingly scattered geographically, work practices need to adapt. Because it is no longer possible to communicate casually with a distributed work team, leaders need to formalize good work practices for the team. Workplaces and work styles are not static, but continually evolve. New trends are percolating at the grass roots level that may influence larger organizations over the coming years. New ways of working and workplaces are no longer just the trials of the innovators and early adapters. They are quickly becoming mainstream and rudimentary for most…show more content…
The primary benefit of technology is efficiency. Businesses--from small businesses to large conglomerates--are capable of providing products and services at a faster, more efficient rate which can result in higher profits.
In an effort to free resources and become more responsive, business leaders across the industry spectrum are reshaping their business priorities, stretching budgets and applying greater scrutiny to capital expenditures. Some have found that when a precarious economic climate requires quick action, a company can open new avenues for growth by strengthening and redefi ning what is truly core to its business. There are several additional factors one must consider when implementing mobile officing across many different offices across different

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