Technology Influence On American Culture

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In many cultures technology is considered unnecessary, and defies belief of staying within the guidelines of cultural backgrounds. The thought process is that by limiting exposure to technology keeps predators at bay. Societal acceptance is very hard to achieve in many areas, especially with the negative impacts that come with opening doors for technology growth. However, technology is not all negative; it can definitely improve processes, deliver communication at the speed of light, and offer easier more convenient methods. Depending on a culture’s aspect of what technology can offer as being successful or detrimental will be the determining factor in acceptance or rejection. “South Africans prefer one-to one contact over impersonal communication” (South Africa-Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette, n.d., para. 10). It is easy to see how technology can make things very impersonal, because a lot of cultures rely on body language to read other people’s intentions. A manager needs to take this into consideration to keep the employees engaged and continue to perform successfully.…show more content…
100). This makes them feel more comfortable conducting a business relationship by providing a more personal approach. A manager identifying with this aspect can expect a higher return from employees feeling valued. “Indians prefer to do business with those they know” (Deresky, 2010, p. 120). It is much easier to get to know people in person than through written communication, or virtual technology. There are advantages and disadvantages to incorporating technology in a business and the same can be said for home use. Any change is scary from the unknown perspective, but sometimes the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and exposure to the positive side brings out the best in people. Communicating virtually can be a great experience based on the effective use and delivery,

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