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“Technology’s influence on Architecture” Simply by looking around us in the 21st Century, it is clear that technology plays a vital role in the way architecture is designed, created and represented. Some say technology frames our architectural design and others say that technology is merely a product of architecture itself. The point of this investigation for me is that technology has its role along side architecture and as many influential figures agree, neither of these aspects should be neglected and neither should be overlooked because they both hold their merits. Technology in the modern age can really influence how we see, enjoy or design a building through the use of many different technological medias from QR codes to autocad. Technology…show more content…
The “novelty” of technology can take over the idea or the concept and therefore the design and essence of architecture can be very easily and very quickly lost. In this essay, I feel it is important to boast both the advantages and the disadvantages of technology on today’s architecture and also to show that it has always had an influence on architecture even from the earlier days dating back to concepts and designs by the famous Mies Van der Rohe and Le Corbusier. The inflence of technology is evident in many well known and studied schemes. Concept ideas such as The Radient City and The Contemporary City by Le Corbusier, were hugely influenced by technology. The idea of the automobile being such a prevelant feature or aspect in the designing of the cities shows this influence of technology. These concept cities were almost totally designed with the technology of the automobile in mind. It was almost as though the architecture was second priority to the inclusion of highways and landing strips due to the new influence of the relevant technology at the time. The design of these city concepts, I feel were very much framed by the idea behind…show more content…
Personally, I feel as though technology can have enormous benefits on oour architecture and is an extremely useful tool to have at our disposal. The idea of a computer programme being able to calculate beam sizes, materials, spacing etc is massively impressive. This is how technology should be used but not designing our concept or allowing our overall design be totally taken over by technology’s “opinion”. It should just simply help us along the way or help propose a solution when the human brain is too overworked. Technology clearly has a strong overall influence on architecture. This is clear when looking at topics I have touched on in this essay such as the invention of numerous construction devices such as the crane, the idea of having a city totally orientated around a technological transportation hub such as Le Corbusier’s Contemporary City and Masdar city, with its huge lack of cars, the PRT system and its technology orientated businesses. There is a frightening yet exciting amount of technology available to us architects these days that can really help create ground-breaking designs and change how we design forever,

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