Technology Influence On Sports

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The Influence of Technology on Sports

As the human odyssey progresses, so has many advancements in sports. Humans always tried to enhance their athletic performance and sports referees always sought new ways to provide a fair and precise judgement of the game. In the recent years, scientists and engineers worked hard on enhancing sportswear and equipment and data analysis technology; however, are all these advancements always accessible by all and are newly set records because of the advancements or because of the athlete’s performance?

Sportswear and Equipment

Improving sportswear and the equipment can play a major role in enhancing one’s athletic performance. This has been relevant in many sports, including cycling, swimming and tennis.
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As a result of the enlargement, the sweet spot, the area in the center of the head, would also be enlarged, allowing for a greater conservation of energy; therefore, the ball would move more quickly. The enlargement of the racquet’s head meant that there would be greater string tension, which, in turn, meant that the frames would have to be stronger. However, this meant that the racquet would have to be heavy. Therefore, titanium is used in racquet frames today, allowing it to stay large and strong, yet light and thin at the same time.

Data Analysis In many sports, sports umpires and referees use instant replay and high-tech aids in order to make the right decision. Making the correct decisions in sports is very crucial for a fair game.

In tennis, the Hawk-Eye technology is used. Hawk-Eye is a computer and camera software that tracks whether or not a ball passes over the goal line. In order to do this, Hawk-Eye uses six or more television cameras appropriately situated around the court. The computer then reads the video in real time and tracks the tennis ball with each camera. All these videos would be combined to create a 3-dimensional representation of the ball’s
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From helping break records to analyzing data and, technology has always been an active participant when it comes to sports. Personally, I think that technology should continue pushing forward in areas like enhancing athletic performance; however, I believe that for events like the Olympics there should be standard sports equipments used in order to ensure that it is the elite athlete’s performance that broke the record and not the equipment. In competitive sports, I also strongly believe that both competitors use the same equipments. In terms of data analysis technology, I strongly encourage those advancements to ensure a fair judgement.


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