Technology Integration In Education

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Technology has been a growing force in our everyday life whether in be in workplace, education or daily routine for a while now. It is so involved that it is close to impossible to not go a day without it. As technology is developing, the integration of technology into schools has also been increasing and becoming more involved. Technology integration is the incorporation of technology resources, such as computers and software. Research in the past decade has shown that technology has effective means for widening educational opportunities. In the past, technology was not as involved in school as it is now. Classroom learning was based on discussion and lectures. However, classrooms are now infused with digital learning tools that expand learning…show more content…
It takes multiple steps in order to fully integrate technology. The first stage is entry; this is when teachers learn the basics of using new technology. The second stage is adoption is when teachers use new technology to support traditional instruction and issues are resolved. The adaption stage is the third and is recognized to integrate new technology into traditional practice and allows them to use the devices to find new ways of completing certain tasks. The fourth stage is appropriation phase and is when a teacher’s attitude changes towards technology in the classroom. Lastly, the invention stage which teachers can discover new uses for technology tools. These stages will allow teachers to get creative and develop a new learning environment and change the learning experience. Thus, the integration of technology benefits a student’s education and can be a positive change if teachers are willing to take the time to learn how to effectively incorporate technology. However, technology is not the complete solution in improving the education of students, but it can advance in many ways if done
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