Causes Of Cyber Crimes

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Do you think technology is a curse upon mankind? Today, internet has touched every aspect of our life but trusting it blindly is not a wise thing to do If you give it a more serious thought, most of our daily activities such as instant messages, sending emails, studying online, shopping, banking, etc. is done through internet. Due to these online activities cyber crimes are taking place every day and has increased the necessity to tighten security measures and protect every user using the internet with good intentions. The biggest nuisance and threat for innocent online users are the hackers and spammers.

In today 's globalization millions of people from different countries share their personal details on the internet through social networking
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Within moments it was unleashed on the internet, many companies such as FedEx and Amazon faced enormous losses. The hackers behind WannaCry demanded money from users if they wanted to unlock their files. More than 300,000 machines were compromised across the globe that included healthcare and automotive.

I have firsthand experienced these cyber crimes first hand. Few years ago my father 's software company named was hacked through a virus name PayDay, the purpose of this virus was to wipe off client data. His client sites were down for a week as he had to restore the data, it was loss of money and time! There are many entrepreneurs that are forced out of business due to these cyber crimes even while taking utmost precautions. However, a buyer can prevent cyber crimes by taking the following precautionary measures:

1. upgrading the anti virus software promptly whenever there is an update and performs full system scan regularly so your computer stats virus
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Computer hackers are here to stay and always looking for more sophisticated ways of breaking the security systems. There is no 100% security in today 's globalization. So, don 't expect an unauthorized user will not have access to your files. Cyber security has become an integral part of modern life, and modern institutions are necessary to safeguard those securities. The International Cyber Stability Board should step up and vigorously lay down strict international internet stability and reduce security risk. Furthermore, we should train more ethical hackers who are skilled with hacking techniques and who can quickly recognize and understand which attack tools are being used so we can anticipate next moves. Also, we can setup a hacker’s blacklist and work with your internet service provider to block these attackers before they can damage our computers or financial

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