Technology Is A Curse Upon Mankind

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Do you think technology is a curse upon mankind? Today, internet has touched every aspect of our life but trusting it blindly is not a wise thing to do If you give it a more serious thought, most of our daily activities such as instant messages, sending emails, studying online, shopping, banking, etc. is done through internet. Due to these online activities cyber crimes are taking place every day and has increased the necessity to tighten security measures and protect every user using the internet with good intentions. The biggest nuisance and threat for innocent online users are the hackers and spammers. In today 's globalization millions of people from different countries share their personal details on the internet through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. As people share their personal information online; often their accounts are compromised by criminals and there are several instances where heinous crimes such as rapes and murders also takes place. There are hackers who extort money by tricking those using the internet into believing that they have won huge chunks of money. They will ask them for bank details or credit card pin numbers. The main objectives of such hackers are to steal confidential information and make illegal monetary transactions. Cyber crimes are on the rise, and we have heard several big instances such as hackers hacked Equifax company, one of the largest credit bureaus and stole the personal information of 145 million
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