Technology Is Fast Food Argumentative Essay

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BC 12-A 5-page Argumentative Essay
Books are Vitamins; Technology is Fast Food
Books and technology are both undoubtedly helpful material in enforcing education. They are both different approaches in learning, but when combined together they can make students’ lives a little less hard. In the old days, books were the epitome of information. But schools nowadays are not only accepting the innovation of technology, but they are already adopting technology into pedagogy as well. There is little debate that technology is indeed a convenient and a rather exciting tool to be used in education, but the question would be, “Are they truly the keys to learning?”. There is a thin line between education and learning. Education is more of a worldly attainment, a palpable asset that can accompany a person in his struggles of life. But learning is more of a personal growth. It is not just about economic progress, but it provides the key to achieving full potential. With this, books are one of the most valuable keys to learning. What is
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Technology has been linked to various illnesses; in particular, obesity, various types of cancers, and vision impairment. A sedentary lifestyle, a type of lifestyle in which a person engages with none or irregular physical activity, is brought by technology which henceforth leads to obesity. College-aged students showed significantly greater consumption of food when subjects were using their electronic devices or even when watching television (Strasburger et al., 2010). In addition, children who spend ample amounts of time online do not get enough sleep and are more likely to gain weight. In relation, being overweight is clearly linked with an increased risk of many cancers, including cancers of the breast, colon, and

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