Technology Is Improving Society In The 1950's By Ray Bradbury

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Daily occurrences in everyday life usually have few or no consequences, however complications sometimes arise. Because of this, technology has become a dependable and reliable source which can improve society’s way of life. Even with multiple examples of technology’s positive effect on society, many fail to acknowledge the success technology offers to humanity. With this success there are people who only clarify the opposing side. In the 1950’s, Ray Bradbury wrote a collection of stories that voiced his concern with humanity growing more dependent on technology. Bradbury 's stories indicate that technology would seclude us from others and hinder society. Although his beliefs went with the time, some agree to an extent that technology further…show more content…
Since many operations in medicine require a large sum of money, some are unable to pay and therefore don’t receive the needed surgery. Another factor that could affect whether or not a person gets a surgery is communication. Many argue that with more technological growth in the medical field, one-on-one interaction is becoming less important. According to Kendall Antekeier, “ Many patients choose their health professionals because of the way they interact with them.” So for some, they prefer human interaction over technology. For cleaner energy, people face a similar ordeal of wanting to acquire new options, yet unfortunately lack the necessary funds. However, people are minimizing the drawbacks mentioned. To support the advancement of new technology in medicine and cleaner energy, the government is providing more funding for each. “The world invested $329 billion in renewable energy in 2015, an increase of 4 percent compared to 2014 and surpassing the $318 billion spent in 2011 to set a new record, according to a new report by Bloomberg 's New Energy Finance” (Walsh, Ben). With more funding than ever, cleaner energy is on a steady rise to help preserve the planet. People are aiding the fight to help those in need by creating organizations and raising money. If people band together with mutual ideas, then changes could occur and more people could receive life-changing operations and…show more content…
Originally, some diseases wiped out thousands upon thousands but today society has eliminated those threats. For a growing society, technology in medicine is necessary to fulfill its demands and to create a better future for mankind. Just this year at the State of the Union, Obama announced that Biden, the Vice President, is taking over the research for a cure to cancer and it would receive complete funding. Therefore organizations and research labs dedicated to finding a cure for cancer will have unlimited funding for whatever they require. Additionally, technology allows doctors easier access to databases to correctly diagnose a patient and find previous records. According to Alyson Krueger, "... More institutions are adopting electronic health records, patients have easier access to their own information so they too can understand what is being done to them." If a patient is dealing with medical problems, a main database can help them research and understand their conditions. Although charts and papers are still used, they take up space while a tablet can display everything at the touch of a finger. Tablets are also easier to carry from room to room. Thanks to technology, medicine is better than ever and with the installation of machines like x-rays, it helps the economy prosper by creating new jobs. One such job would include a biomedical

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