Technology Is Ruining Our Relationships

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In this day, anyone around the world can interact within seconds at the swipe of a finger or the tap of a keyboard. We have the ability to communicate ideas, make friendships, and learn just about anything in the palms of our hands. Thanks to technology, our society has never been so interconnected. Yet, we are constantly hearing about technology’s detrimental effects to our social, mental, and physical health. These are often valid points. Yeah, a lot of us (most of us) can find ourselves spending too much time checking our phones rather than being in the moment. However, there is a lack of sufficient evidence that technology is actually ruining our relationships. On the contrary, technology has given us an amazing amount of opportunities to form relationships with people we’d never have been able to meet prior and discuss prevalent issues with a wide array of voices.…show more content…
We are all given a voice. We can become politically involved through formation of social movements, in which we interact locally and globally. Social media is often used to coordinate events and spread awareness, wielding real results. Our methods of communication are metamorphosing, and with that, many question the effect of technology on our society. Many act as though technology will be the downfall of all humanity. But that’s what every previous generation thought about the current generation. With all progress and change comes new challenges, and while I do believe it is important to be critical, I think it’s possible that we are wasting so much time criticizing our modern day use of technology that we find ourselves not fully taking advantage of this power we are
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