Technology Is Social

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Technology is making us so Antisocial

Is technology making us social or antisocial? This is the burning question of our society, isn’t it? It continually haunts us that whether we’re progressing towards a golden future or ultimately dooming ourselves. The addiction, the long hours spent, the disruption of mental peace, all are the outcomes of social networking. Technology, no doubt, has made our lives easier but are we truly being benefited by it when it comes to connecting with people? The rapid progress of social networks in the last ten or so years has been the greatest and unpredictable roller coaster ride as never been seen before. The social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Myspace, Instagram etc. have revolutionized our world. Our reliance on such sites has greatly diminished the need of one on one interaction. I remember as a child I used to always beg my mom to let me go out and play with other kids in the neighborhood after school. The sound of running feet, making bets with other children, the open sky, the weather, building sand castles even if there wasn’t a beach nearby, building things, painting, doodling on each other’s notebooks, trading music cassettes, the silly treasure hunts, the picnics, all these are the best memories of my childhood. But now when I see kids, almost always they have some gadgets (phones, iPad, iPod, psp etc.) to which they are glued to. Their young faces illuminated by the bluish glow that emanates from
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