Technology Killing Research Paper

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Do you want to stay connected with your friend in florida if you in indiana? You can stay in touch with your friend by using your phone to text them or facetime. So you don't have to lose your friend.Is technology killing are friendships. There are different sides of this debate some people believe that it makes friendships stronger and ,you can talk to multiple people at one time on your phone and you share more emotions. Other people believe that it doesn’t because people are spending too much time alone in there room texting when they could be hanging out with someone. That is the debate about technology is ruining or destroying are friendships. I believe technology brings us closer together because you talk to your friends more, tell someone something if they live in another state, and you share your feelings more on your phone than you do in person.…show more content…
In person your friend would have to leave and you couldn’t talk to them. Also if they are having a bad day you can call them. In person you feel more nervous than you do on phone. The reason for that because you are in flesh not in front of device. In the article Scope magazine according to Lauren Tarish her article titled”is technology killing are friendships,” she say this “ you can send a good luck text before his soccer game if your are at home.Also to Lauren Tarshis says “ that technology makes friendships stronger because you can talk to your friend more than if you didn’t have a phone.” this shows it makes friendships
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