Technology Literacy And Technology

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People are the most important through the three key resources in MIS. People have the power to make the right selection and insert information to the system. “People most valuable asset is not technology, but rather your mind” (11). People use technology, but it is not about using technology, it is about using your “mind” to process the information. Technology is just like a helper and supporter to gather information and manage it. People are the ones that manage information and technology by processing the information of thinking before making a decision. People can gather information and contribute it for goods. Although people make mistakes and problems sometimes, they can share with others and might change their information with others to improve their knowledge and decisions. The information people shares might be important that is necessary in their issue or business. For example, a person works and has heard good information and has good knowledge, which he uses it in his life, and will certainly contribute his knowledge to the boss and others. This shows as people do good, the boss as well will do good. People set goals and tasks, make decisions and serve customers. Especially in IT specialist, it provides “a stable and reliable technology environment making the organization run smoothly and gain advantage in the marketplace” (11). However, there are two concepts that people must use to be in a perfect place using technology which are technology literacy and
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