Technology Negative Effects Essay

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There are so many advances in technology today. The invention of cell phones, and computers have increased society’s ability to communicate with one other, and cars have allowed alot more logical transportation. Television and internet have provided entertainment for of all ages. Technological inventions have improved our way of life, but they have caused many side effects that have a negative impact on the world. Although there are many advances in technology, this technology has made it harmful effect on social interactions, health, and our environment. Technology has changed the way people interact socially. With cell phones, it is no reason to talk to someone face to face in order to do anything. This convenience can weaken…show more content…
I think technology has made everything easy access. I personally is very reliant on technology I use technology in every shape or form possible, i use it shopping, eating, sleeping, working, schooling anything and to say that its a good thing would be sprawl but its just the way around the world is and everyone is using technology. I don’t think the worl will ever go back to nomal as where you did not have technology, where as things were not so easy to do certin things. The world will never go back to where you have to associate with someone to order your food or you have tol go to the store and get your groceries, or you have to go to the paticular company in order to pay your bills. Technology is overated, people do to much with technology, it creates too much controversy, technology makes it esay for scamers and hacks, but if there wasn’t any technology things will be different. Kids will go outside more instead of staying inside playing the game, they would focus in school, there would not be so many shiftless people. Technology has its ways of being in the positive light but the bad outweighs the good and I personally would love if there was no
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