Technology Negative Essay

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Technology is advancing every day and becoming a greater part of our daily life. The benefits of technology is tremendous and is always increasing. Today’s technology allows for people to communicate in ways and to people in places around the world who they normally would of never talked to. Technology allows for reform in broken and corrupt countries. Technology allows for people on a quest of knowledge to be able to learn all they could ever want. These are all great benefits of technology, but this is not where it ends, technology has so many benefits and is always becoming more beneficial all the time. Modern technology allows for communication at a global scale, allowing people to communicate and share information from virtually any point in the world with internet access. This mass communication allows for information to be passed around quickly and more effectively than ever before. With this technology, people have been able to overthrow governments that the people in those areas would have not been able to do, it allows them to connect and plan and make change in the places they live. In the text of Text or Talk - Is Technology Making You Lonely? By Margie Warrell, it states that “We’ve all witnessed its power in rallying people behind noble causes (think KONY 2012), overthrow governments (as we saw in the Arab Spring last year), eable people in isolated corners of the globe to plug into resources and information they could never otherwise access (think North
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