Progress and Technology

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With time, we have learned that progress and technology go hand in hand. Mankind’s most outstanding achievements such as: landing men on the moon, curing diseases, and inventing an advanced system of communication, would be impossible dreams without technology. Nevertheless, there are some intriguing questions regarding technological progress. Will technological advances always affect us in positive ways? What if I lose my job because of innovation? Will technology have a limit? These questions and uncertainties have surged as the result of these progresses affecting people in the workplace. For some, technology has not only brought improvements to the market, but also turbulence. However, the truth is that technology has developed into…show more content…
Everything starts with the creations of computers, one of the building blocks of most contemporary technologies. Computers became the highlight of innovation in the late 60’s and early 70’s. After all, these machines could communicate with one another and also facilitate communication between people. Later, with the invention of the World Wide Web, a new method of sending and receiving messages was developed to replace the postal office. E-mails transmit messages through communication networks and have advantages such as speed, low cost, along with the ability to communicate with individuals around the world at any hour. These characteristics improved productivity at such a large extent that it became one of the most important tools for businesses nowadays Since nothing is perfect, e-mails lack the flexibility to send and receive packages, which is the reason why postal offices has not completely…show more content…
In the actuality, our knowledge about artificial intelligence is limited to what we have seen on science-fiction movies or read in books, yet some scientists are trying to program robots to mimic aspects of our intellectual abilities. For the year 2020, robots are expected to take over five million jobs. The World Economic Forum even predicts a fourth industrial revolution. Something that might intrigue people about this new is the reason why robots are being considered better than humans for some jobs. Robots are ideal due to the fact that they can work for hours without needing a break, additionally they do not require a payment for the work done. Also they do not need extensive training to do a task perfectly. These are characteristics that increase efficiency and productivity to their maximum, which attracts companies’ interest. Consequently, cost will be reduced since it is way easier to annually pay a robot’s maintenance than to pay training, salaries, and health insurances for human employees. Finally, the robot’s durability makes them an outstanding option for a large majority of

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