Technology Pros And Cons Essay

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The pros and cons of using technology in daily lives have been the latest discussion among advanced communities, who mainly depend on using electronic devices to function. To be an “advanced” country means keeping up-to-date with all the new technology that is invading us. Technology helps save time, efforts and improve efficiency. Nonetheless, with all the benefits from this amazing technology, many side effects emerged, some are more serious than others but all need our attention and evaluation. Use of technology should be restricted because of its harmful effects on both the people and the environment. One main reason for this argument is the harmful effect that caused by technology on human physical health is one of the most serious…show more content…
As Kelley Simpson said in her article “IS OVERUSE OF TECHNOLOGY AFFECTING MENTAL HEALTH?”(2013), technology was invented to help us with our daily lives but it can sometimes have the opposite effect. Stress is a major side effect of technology, with everything moving so quickly and everyone rushing towards their objectives, waiting for an email or trying to connect to a website and check on someone can be very stressful. Sometimes people misunderstand text messages, which can lead to problems and depression. Addiction on social media and the use of smartphones can also lead to depression and stress. If someone doesn 't have an up-to-date device they would be anxious from feeling excluded from their friends. Some people use technology to harm others by harassing them or acting rude, which can damage the other person’s self-confidence. There is a study shows that the average amount of time that Americans spend on technology is 11 hours a day. This confirms how much technology is affecting human relations; teens would rather spend hours on their laptops or smartphones instead of socially interacting with their families. This increase of technology use was connected to psychological disorders in children such as bipolar disorder, anxiety and autism. That is why technology is very harmful on human’s mental health, especially young children and teens. This concludes technology’s harmful effects
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