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Using technology can be good and bad in many ways for instance if you need a ride home you can call or text your parents/friends for one. I think technology is bad even if I use it it will always be bad for us it. I use technology when i 'm bored, stressed, or sad, it helps me relax in many ways. Ever since I broke my electronic ive been more active and have been hanging out with my friends or family more often so I think it does isolate us The good ways of using an electronic are , if you miss friends or family because they live far away you can text or call them at any time you want. Another thing is if you are in danger you can can contact the police as i 've seen in a youtube video on my tablet. If you are playing pokemon go it…show more content…
The bad ways of using electronics are, if you go on a dating app you could get catfished, that 's when you see many pictures of the person you want to date but you go to their house and that 's not what they look like at all. If you are playing pokemon go you can get hurt or badly injured by not looking where you are going. If you text your parents that you are in danger the sound of you getting a text back from them asking what the house looked like you might alert the stranger and you shouldn 't even contact your parents first contact the police if that was really happening to you. Technology it can also bring you bad websites that you shouldn 't be on. It can let your child talk to way older people and they will come to your house without you there or knowing that it will happen. By doing so your child will either get hurt or molested, and you don 't want that to happen to your child. Also if you text and drive you could get badly injured because of your bad behavior.Those are the bad effects of using electronics. The reason I pick technology being bad for you is that all of this can happen to you and you may not even know it. You think you are gonna find the perfect match on a dating website but you don 't know until you meet the person in real life, go out and find someone don 't go on a

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