Technology Is A Queer Thing Analysis

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[According to C.P. Snow (New York Times, 15 March 1971), “Technology... is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” This saying clearly states that technology brings a plethora of impact to human’s daily life, including the merits and drawbacks. In this new era of globalisation, humans are catapulted to the accessibility of technology such as Internet, cell phone, and computer. Consequently, they become extremely dependent or even hooked to the usage and convenient of technology. As a result, people’s dependence on technology has affected and ruined the creativity and communication. For instance, people rather spend time browsing Internet than thinking using their own mind or interacts…show more content…
As technology provides better facility, people are able to break free from the frame that restricts them from expressing their creative power. According to EdTech Review, blogs are a great way for the development of creative thinking and writing. People can undisguisedly write on topics that intrigue them and give vent to their ideas without having to worry about grading or grammatical errors. Besides, people can create and represent data or graph in a colourful and catchy way, by using free tools for infographics. Not only making the interpretation of information easier and quicker but they can also employ their creativity and imagination to create an infographic about a topic or concept. In addition, they can share these infographics and also embed them into their classroom blog or in career which can thrive and foster their creativity. Consequently, people have more opportunity to express their creativity than ever before as there are nearly unlimited sources of technological instrument from all over the world. It is not that the people are becoming more creative by nature, but that up-to-date technology provides favourable circumstances to people in producing creative…show more content…
This is because people are able to keep in touch and foster their interaction as well as communication with their families, friends and relatives as there are an enormous variety of electronic communication devices such as smartphone, e-mail and Wi-Fi. Despite the isolation of space, long distance or even jet lag, people can on the spot update one another’s latest condition and status through social media sites such as Wechat, Instagram and Twitter in a wink of time. Moreover, technology speeds up the conveyance of message to a broader audience. As people 's capability to communicate through technology improves, the attainability of their messages or information widens. This is essential in no matter information transmitting or news spreading. For instance, newest news that obtained from whole wide world can be spread to all people through television station. Moreover, photos and video recorded covertly can easily share online through websites such as YouTube and Facebook at the top of a hat.
In a nutshell, technology brings pros more than cons from the perspectives of creativity and communication. However, people must be able to discipline themselves and utilize technology in order to prevent technology impede social communication and creative power instead. Hence, all sorts of initiative and effort must be taken with full
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