How Do People Use Technology Contribute To Creativity?

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In the era of new generation, people are depending on technology. Through this technology, they can become more creativity. As an example they can create many miscellaneous things and sources. Technology not only able to lead mankind to creativity but it also can help mankind to communicate with other people who are miles away from their home or country.

Other than that, people also can access information easily at anytime and anywhere. For an example, student these days have lots of assignment to be done in the school, college and university. By doing all those assignment, they can do in school, cyber café and library at anytime for searching information. Through this technology, it has helping and giving a lot of convenient to the student in the world. Technology not only the right hand for student but also it can help common laborer in their work. Moreover, technology can help student to find
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For an example, it will lead a person to become lack of self-esteem. This is because they always face to face to the computer and their smart phone since they were small and lack of facing reality world. This may lead them to fear to face other people. Not only that, they also will fell very hard to communicate with other people because they always more on online communication. Other than that, they will not able to do well and unable to speak during interview. In contrast, people will be less dependent towards other people. For an example, they will be less communication with other people although among the family. Even if they are facing a problem, they will not tell their parent or teacher. This is because they have technology as Internet to search or resolve everything. Furthermore, people will become low creativity if they keep on using technology. Back those years, older generation use creativity to invent or create something new. However, people nowadays are enjoying the inventions without trying to upgrade the
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