Technology Synthesis Essay

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Nowadays, technology devices become plays an important role in our daily lives, especially in adolescents’ categories. While there is a very clear argument for how the technology is effected on us and causing social isolation as we know, but in another way is also the argument that these technologies are helping us to become more social in our society. This is very probably because we have a good and perfect ability to communicate with each other. Despite long distances. We all know that the goal of technology is to make our lives easier and more efficient. I think that every future may bring technology, it will help us, but the same time, mobile phones may bring us some bad things that will leave a bad fingerprint in our societies…show more content…
It is a very clear argument for how the internet and technologies are harming us through many ways. Firstly, some of them said tablet devices led to some problems in our societies. Such as, isolation and turning inward and not to engage in the society around them and reduce physical activity, that leading to serious diseases such as obesity. (Mares & Woodward, 2005). The second argument is led to a lack of social skills. Which is mean tablet devices led to the spacing between people. where they can not face each other by face to face to communicate. Thirdly, laziness in studying that making student lazy. For example, calculations need to run the mind, but the students are turning to the device or the so-called calculator. Also copying and pasting currency without reading the content. So it is lead to forgetting the basic way of learning. For example, when the teacher gives students homework they are turning to use of technological devices to search for the answers, rather than return to the main book. On the other hand, we can use the tablet devices in a good way to avoid all these defects, by observing teachers or the parents for their children and students and put some guidance of using tablets, such as placing the appropriate time. Also, the families can close some apps which are unwanted. (Peter, 1997,
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