Technology: Technology And Its Impact On The Impact Of Technology

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Irfan Sindhi
Professor Scott Whitebird
English 1301
March 20, 2018
Technology is the terminology that refers to the tools, knowledge, and the actual process of creating substances useful to man. Technology is being upped and enhanced each and every day. Since the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, there have been many advances in technology. The invention of the telephone, the cell phone, and the computer have greatly increased society’s ability to communicate, and automobiles have enabled more efficient transportation. Television and the World Wide Web have provided entertainment for people of all ages. The computer is the outcome of technology. Computers were made 2000 years ago charged with small
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Due to email and cell phones, it is now unnecessary to talk to someone face-to-face in order to make a business deal. This convenience can weaken business relationships, however, because interactions through texting and email can often be misinterpreted. Many still find it more effective to meet in person in order to gauge a business partner’s reactions (Sharkey). Technology not only impacts business relationships, but it changes the family dynamic, too. Children are spending more time watching television and playing computer games than spending time with their families. Because of this, kids are becoming more detached from their parents and from the reality of a world where things don’t happen like they do on TV (Coleman). The social networking on the internet is another factor which has changed social interactions greatly. To many, the internet offers many ways to keep up with old friends and meet new people. Many social networking sites, such as Facebook, have made it the social norm for someone to share everything with his or her friends (Cashmore). Prior to such sites, maintaining privacy was much easier and was considered normal, but now, people are posting private information on the World Wide Web that anyone can see. A person can add someone they have never even met before as a “friend” on Facebook. Because of the internet, a definition of the word “friend” has taken on a new meaning—now someone can be…show more content…
Transportation has been made easier, entertainment has been made more accessible and immediate, and communication has never been faster or more efficient. People have been greatly accustomed to the lifestyle that this technology encourages; few have to walk to work, handwrite essays, or meet others in person anymore. Because these technological advances have created such conveniences for those living today, people often choose to ignore the negative side effects of these inventions that not only hurt us but our world, too (Grant). Laziness has led to obesity, and overexposure of “perfection” has led to low self-esteem. Pollution from electronics and various forms of transportation has resulted in a dangerous and quickly changing environment that is affecting the air people breath and the world in which many organisms live. People are so focused on the positive aspects of technology that they do not realize how much that same technology is harming them. For the sake of physical health, mental stability, and environmental responsibility, people need to reconsider the machinery and electronics they use; in the long run, these wasteful technologies will end up hurting people more than they help

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