Technology: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology

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In this modern day, almost the whole world of the people depends on the technology. This is because the technology has brought a lot of convenient to us. Without the technology, we need to use up lot of energy, time and cost to complete a work.Therefore,the technology brings us a lot of advantages but at the same time it brings disadvantages too.
First,we can communicate with anyone easily. The appearance of technology allows us to contact others more easily. We can contact our family or friends who live in or out of the country in a split of second. Therefore, we can send our message and love to our friends and families easily without any cost. This is because we can contact our families members or friends through the social applications such as We Chat, Messenger and so on. Not only have that, the technology saved our energy too. This is because with the technology enable us to send our message directly without writing the letter and sent it to the post office as ancient times. We also can receive the reply from our friends faster without waiting for the 'snail mail '.Furthermore the appearance of technology allows us to express our feeling when we are enclosing by the sadness or happiness. Therefore we can get the encouragement from our friends and families. Of course, we also can discuss our school project or homework easily with one another and strengthen our relationship too.
We can also get the information through Internet. Nowadays, students have a lot of
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