Technology: The Aspects Of Technology In The World

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Progress. Mankind has always been about moving and progressing forward. We have used our minds to create grand creations, build grand buildings, and make life easier. Before the invention of the wheel, we had to drag around stones to construct grand buildings. Before the invention of paper, we had to etch commands into stone and pass down stories by mouth. Those are both examples of technology. However technology is not just invention, it is also innovation. For example, we went from horse and buggy to the racing cars we have today. However, technology has always caused mankind to take two steps forward, and one step back.
10:00 at night. February 14. It had been a long day for Chris. School was a nightmare as couples got were ready for the red hot evening of romance. Everyone had a date. Everyone for the tall and tubby Chris. So instead of going on a perfectly planned date, Chris did two hours of grueling homework. Adding letters and numbers, writing research papers that seemed like they would wrap around the world if he printed them out, and never taking a break. Chris picked up his phone and tapped the on button. The screen flashed to life, displaying an image of his little chocolate lab puppy, who was sleeping on the floor next to him. He swiped the screen and opened Instagram. The more he looked, the sicker he got. Bob and Jill went to a nice steakhouse. Jim and Nancy were dancing at a Valentine 's Day party. Even his best friend, Joseph, had a date and they were
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