Technology: The Dumbest Generation

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Today In our modern world we are surrounded by technology. On the daily note we write Emails, text, surf the web, and possibly play games. Almost every person has a smart phone now. Even little kids as young as a few years old have phones. We have become reliant on these things and some would argue that they can’t live without them. We do this because it has become the normal thing to do. But sometimes what 's normal can hurt. For example in the early ages in america history smoking become a normal thing for most, then it was discovered that smoking caused lung cancer and can be a short road to an early death. The same could be for technology in our era. The under thirty generation is the dumbest generation because of our over reliance on technology,…show more content…
But all this technology comes at a price, it is taking away our ability to think deeply on our own. It is harder to concentrate, learn, or even read a book. teens today are arguably well educated. But not as they were years ago. If you ask a teen any intellectual questions they will not answer them as a teen would years ago. “The 18-year-old may have a visa card, cell phone, MySpace page, part-time job, playstation 2, and an admissions letter from the state U,. but ask this wired and on-the-go high school senior a few intellectual questions and the facade of in-the-know-ness crumbles”(Source A). this experimental short basic test alone even shows us that our minds are not as capable as our parents minds were. The depth of our minds do not travel as deep as they could. Technology is the only thing different from the under 30 thirty generation to the over 30 generation, which shows that technology is damaging our capabilities to think more deeply. And if you 're still not convinced even test scores alone can prove that we are the dumbest generation. On the survey “What Americans Know” test scores have been falling. They have been falling ever since 1989. “In 2007 pew survey on “what
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