Cause And Effect Essay: The Effect Of Technology On Teens

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The Effect of Technology
Although technology seems like its a helpful source, it actually isn 't doing good for teens. It is really hurting them and is going to cause major issues in the future.Without a doubt, technology generally provides distractions and addictions, leading up to serious issues.Technology is affecting teenagers in a negative way and is causing them to suffer.
Recently, technology has been causing teens to make unintelligent and ignorant choices. For instance, teens see inappropriate things on television and think that because others are doing it, they should give it a try. Dimitri explains that “Things such as drug and alcohol use and abuse are portrayed as ‘cool’ online and on television, which leads to more children and
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However, technology has made a great impact in our lives, it also has made a not-so-great impact and is leading teens to very serious situations.For example, technology such as iPads, iPods, cell phones, and tablets are becoming so dangerous it is causing people to gain health issues, “Constantly looking down at devices can cause neck pain and overtime will cause the neck to lose its natural curve.”(Sheri Hosel)Furthermore, as much as we use technology without even noticing it is harming society as a whole. Most people don 't even realize how much damage can be caused by constantly looking at a screen but really, the list of health conditions that technology is causing for us goes on and on. Technology needs to take a step down and we need to focus on helping out teens for our their own benefits.Additionally, technology isn 't the only issue, its whats on the devices, such as social media that are causing violence, “The increase in cyberbullying has additionally led to an increase in teen suicides”(Ashley Steve) Health issues caused by technology are big problems but, bullying and suicides are a whole different story. The fact that they are letting these issues happen is sad, it is teens against technology. And right now they are letting technology take them over, this needs to be put to an end! Yes, technology has brought some amazing things to our life but, deep down it is really damaging us,…show more content…
Lastly, if we want to better ourselves for the future we need to fix these issues and find a way to use technology without it getting out of hand.Initially, people would much rather text or email each other then talk in person or go out to lunch, “Social networking has caused us to meet less frequently face-to-face resulting in an absence of much needed social skills”(Ashley Steve)Recently, teens have been much ‘happier’ with technology and without social skills, but in the long run it 's not going to help them out and they aren 't going to be as happy. It seems like technology has taken away from social events such as family reunions and dinners, “One expert explained that with less physical contact, children might have difficulty developing social skills and emotional reactions.”With less physical contact children and teens have a harder time with real-life conversations and seem to struggle with emotions and how to react in a situation.They don 't want their children to have social and emotional reaction issues to grow up to, so we need to solve a way to stop these issues.
Teens who use technology are showing that they are being affected, and it isn 't in a positive way.Technology is not a great source to communicate, while it is causing mental and physical issues.Don 't trust the rumors about technology being a good thing, because in reality it is breaking relationships and causing
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