Technology: The Effects Of Human's Dependence On Technology

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In the past, human had lived without the presence of technology. Things were done in traditional and simple ways. As people try to improve their lives, technology was invented to make life easier, save time, save cost…… In this modern era, many improved technologies are invented to benefits our lives even more. As the generation who are exposed with technology, people’s dependence on technology is increasing throughout the years. For example, people nowadays cannot survive even half a day without modern technologies such as cellphone, internet and air-conditioner. Technology has affected us in many different ways, whether good or bad. Creativity is one of the important aspect which human’s dependence on technology has greatly affected. Of course, with the presence of computer and internet, it is easier for people to create any designs with useful software and applications. The most common software, Paint has helped people in making it easier to do drawing, which at the same time can help in saving the environment. People has…show more content…
One common example is essay writing which happens a lot in secondary school students. To make things easy, a lot of students tends to go on Google and search for essay topics and copy. That way, their work can be done faster and they can hand in their work in time. This phenomena not only has decreased students’ creativity but also their essay writing skill. They find it hard to write essay during exams without the help of internet. They cannot think of their own ideas for essays as they are used to copying from the internet blindly just to satisfy their teachers. As for work which are related to designing and creativity, people would just go on the internet and copy. If this keep on happening, people will lose their creativity and only rely on the internet to do
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