Technology: The Effects Of People's Dependence On Technology

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People assumes that technologically advanced nations are the evidence of world progress. Netizens from all over the country are oblique to invent different kind of superb technology from time to time.But,without unknowingly this is what caused people’s fanatic dependence on technology.Because of this technology obssesions,nowadays people are belives to become narrow-minded and are more likely to live in their own world,because of their lack sociality among each other.This is what inflict the argue whether people’s dependence on technology has affected creativity and communication or whereas.While many netizens opine that the use of technology is not giving any harm to human,I believe technology is one of the actual reason that can leads towards the perdition of humanity in terms of ways of thinking and sociality. The use of technology seems to be more wide in educational field.The educators are tend to refers to the Internet for a better understanding about the topic that they have to teach their students while their students will also do so when they are going to accomplish their assignments.In a short words internet is one of the good reference that are frequently visit by people.The researchers claimed that among students, 98 percent use the Internet for schoolwork, 79 percent once a week and 35 percent daily. The internet thus plays a large role and this applies especially for adult students.However,there are some educators that will discourage
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