Technology: The Future Of Technology In The 21st Century

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We are living in a world where the possibilities of technology are endless. Before our eyes we are seeing the creation of a digital world. From high-tech cars to 3-D printers, new inventions are created every day. Its hard to imagine twenty years ago we did not have the world at our fingertips. There was no such thing as Facebook, Youtube, or Google. Smart phones and wireless internet were non-existent. New technologies have opened up new opportunities, yet they bring with them an ever more complex reality.
The advancement of the Internet has allowed people to connect with family, friends, and work colleagues across the globe with just the push of a button. Communication options have exploded in the instant avenues of text and video based chat, as well as, the near instantaneous method of email. Gone are the days where one had to post a letter just to wait a week for a response. Costly long distance phone calls are now unnecessary for anyone with a computer, webcam, and a speedy Internet connection.
Over the past few decades, as much as our personal lives have changed, the world’s industries have revolutionized at a faster pace. Technology has been at the forefront of new medical developments and techniques that have changed the face of medicine. From organ transplants to cancer treatments doctors have worked alongside technology to lend a helping hand to our society. Amongst one of the many benefits that has been directed towards the medical field is the ability for
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