Technology: The Importance Of Technology In The Future

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As technology has improved it has touched nearly every aspect of our lives. Mobile phones, computers and the internet have changed the way we do everything from talking to friends to meeting deadlines. The home is the next frontier – just take a look at the big screen TV all your furniture is pointing at in the living room and you’ll quickly see the importance of technology in this setting. Technology is at its best though when it genuinely improves our lives and addresses serious issues for the better. In the future a lot more of our technology is going to be designed to help us use less power and even to end our reliance on fossil fuels. And much of that is going to be found in the homes of tomorrow… Algae Lamps The truly exciting technology of the future though may not be technology in the way we think of it at all: it might be biological. Algae lamps are already being tested for use in street scenarios and work by using genetically modified algae that absorbs CO2 and generates light as a bi-product of this synthesis.…show more content…
However for use around the home they could be much more viable. And that way you wouldn’t just be reducing your carbon footprint – you’d be actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere as well. Better yet this kind of algae could also be used in paint and other applications. You may not need street lamps at all in the future – because every house on the street might give off its own luminescence.
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