Technology: The Important Impact Of Mass Media And Socialization

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In the 21st century, mass media play the important roles in our social life, everything that we need can get the information through the mass media. In everyday we will often read newspapers, watching television or when driving we will listen to the radio. If one day we live without mass media, internet and other high tech gadgets, would we become crazy in our life because we don’t know what to do in our life? From the experiment of “A day without technology”, we can see society technology has become our best friend that we can’t live without it. In this video, we can see that the person get trouble in paying bill when he can’t access to technology, so he have to write his name for the cashier and he promise that he would pay the bill in next day. Except this scene, he also encountered a problem in his work because he didn’t bring his laptop go to work and just bring a notebook and he also didn’t answer an urgent call from his boss, if without technology he unable to complete his daily task in a specific time (Zeeshan & Jordi, 2012).

Mass media in Malaysia has the standard mass media technologies that can be provide to large audience too. Besides that, Mass media can directly communicate and make interaction with people in various places and also can used it to know more languages and information in all around of the world.
Media is the one main agents of socialization that affect youth the most. This is because the media cover many types of mass medium and also

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