Technology: The Influence Of Technology In Our Lives

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Technology has been so important in our lives that we must have it everywhere and anytime because many different technologies were invented to make our lives easier and more comfortable, without which we would feel alienated from the rest of the world. It is undeniable that people have been very reliant on technology in every aspect of life but how has this affected creativity and communication among us? Technology has improved our communication in many ways as it has broken barriers of distance between humans around the world. For instance, mobile phones and social networking sites have made us closer to each other as we can instantly contact one another. Back in the old days, humans use different ways to contact each other, such as writing letters. Well, such ways of communicating takes a long time for a message to be sent. Then, telephones were invented for more convenient communication and now, mobile phones are used because of its portability, convenience and more stable connection when contacting one another. We can share pictures and the latest news to our friends or even globally to everyone through many different social networking sites, for instance, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not only that,…show more content…
With technology being introduced to us, many applications and software are created for people to use them for inventing, creating, innovating and developing something new. This has helped us in creating something that is beyond our imagination. Technology has also enabled us to create new applications in phones. Moreover, technology has bolstered many comic artists in creating new comics as they do not need to draw on papers anymore. Not to mention, people who are creative in music can also showcase their talent with the technology provided. For instance, one does not have to learn any musical instruments to create a song but with proper software, a song can be produced

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