Technology: The Negative Effects Of Dependency On Technology

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Technology is used by all. Humans are gradually improving by depending on the magic of technology. There is no doubt that technology has brought millions of wonders in our lives, be it in the field of agriculture, economics, politics or even academics. However, are we really able to surpass our capabilities with the use of technology? In my humble opinion, the dependence on technology has actually not helped us to exceed our limits but constrained our abilities to communicate and be creative; all due to being heavily reliant on technology. So, I would say, dependence on technology has indeed brought negative effects on our creativity as well as our communication skills. For technology to further refine our competence on communication is definitely out of its range. Technology has brought us to choke on saying words we want to imply. For instance, my classmates never know what to answer teachers when they ask, “What are you doing?” They would merely touch their heads and giggle because to the dear fact, they don’t…show more content…
The world is being too dependent on technology, and now should be time for us to start changing. The use of technology is beneficial if it is used wisely and the people of today should comprehend that dependency on technology will sooner or later cause us to restrict our thinking. The skills to communicate and to think creatively are not solely enhanced by technology but through daily practice consistently. We are able to polish our creativity and communication skills by joining activities related to them, this includes giving a speech, public speaking or even reciting poetry! This not only helps to widen our knowledge but also develops our lateral thinking on how to impress others through our presentation. This is a simple method that keeps us from depending too much on technology as we use more of our creativity and verbal

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