Technology: The Negative Effects Of Technology Helps Accidents

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She walked towards the road, head down, totally consumed in her phone. In the middle of the road, looking up, she screamed and the next moment lay sprawled on the road. He drove along texting his friend instead of talking to the people in his car. The overweight child sat on the couch playing video games in preference to the exercise his body truly needed. In the present era where even the youngest child knows the tricks of a phone, technology provides immense assistance but also much danger. Too many times simply because technology distracts people, accidents happen. Also, many find it more comfortable to talk on technology instead of in person so they just pass on face to face time. In other cases, especially for children, they use so much of their free time playing video games or chatting they never exercise the amount their bodies need. Although a great blessing, technology often causes accidents, distracts and takes from people time for face to face talking, and takes away…show more content…
The bad effects of technology are not obvious to many people. However, the reality is that because of how deep people get into their technology they become unaware of the world around and often this causes accidents. Today, instead of talking to each other face to face people will chat or email and even when at a meal together will become distracted by their technology so that they cannot properly talk. Technology so consumes many children that in their free time, instead of getting out for exercise and play, they just lounge on the couch for hours playing games that dull their mind. Therefore, technology users must beware of these side effects and carefully moderate their use of technology so that they can use it in the most useful
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