Technology: The Pros And Cons Of Information Technology

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What is technology? Technology is a product that created by humans, such as mobile phone, computer, GPS, Internet and digital TV. In this 21century, we use technology in medical, manufacturing, biotechnology and communication. Information Technology allows us to send signals around the worlds. Biotechnology help us transforms living things into products or new form of life. For example, medicine and bionics .Technology brings us a lot of benefits but misuse also will give us many harm .So today , the theme I will discussed is technology has affected creativity and communication of people or not. I totally agree technology will affected our creativity and communication, even though technology given us a lot of advantage. Pass through my family, my friends and my English teacher opinion and internet…show more content…
So, technology is created by human being for sure will its benefit. Now, let us to discuss its advantage. Technology has expanded the boundaries of what’s possible with creativity pursuits such as movie-making, music and graphic design. In internet, we can download some apps such as telegram, Microsoft and WhatsApp to make our work easily. We can send our homework or data just click a button. On the other hand, technology is the accessible platforms that allow anyone to participate and create such as YouTube or Instagram. In Malaysia, there are many actors were the YouTuber; they use YouTube to send their video and increase their reputation. Meanwhile, we use technology tools created to make graphic design more accessible the inline platforms to promote that content. Such as we can use internet to design the batik and sold on online. In contact, technology helps us to spark ideas in others and to expose them to more avenues for mentoring, training and creative growth ourselves. Last but not emphatically least, Online also can knowledge has launched the creative careers of many, such as look at the freelance

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