Essay On Addiction Of Social Media

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Nowadays, social media has become a huge part of the lives of the people in this generation. Us, the millennial, are born in an era of rapid advances in technology. Since a really young age we are taught to use a variety of these innovations such as computers, video games, and televisions. It has become part of our DNA’s and our daily lives to use technology and what comes with it, social media. These two things have created a sense of dependence in millennial that basically we can say that our smartphones and computers are a part of us. We, as a society have made ourselves believe that popularity in social media is basically the most important thing, having billions of followers, likes or retweets is what makes you someone. These image we have created comes with many pros and cons that shape our character towards social media.

R.h Sin says “Social media has made us less social, we see the lives of others instead of living our own, dreaming instead of doing, liking what we see while hating what we do.” (Whiskey words and a shovel). We get so involved in other people’s lives, seen what they are doing and posting, that we forget to live our own. While you sit there hating every aspect of your life and envying all the cool things you cannot afford, others hide their misery behind their online bragging. Why does she have more
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It is really popular to change your username by deleting a letter on your name or last name to make it impossible for universities to find you. This happens because teenagers are scared they will get to be judged or criticized by their posts and their way of living. In some jobs, people search for you in Facebook and see your interactions with people and your posts, with that they make the final decision. At the end, you post things not because you want, but to please everyone who sees your
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