Technology: The Use Of Technology In Higher Education

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2.3 USES OF TECHNOLOGY IN HIGHER EDUCATION Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes especially in industry (Oxford Dictionary, 2017). The issue of technology in education has been a debatable topic among researchers and the society (Heggart, 2016). Since 1980, research into higher education explored the digital shift taking place in universities and colleges around the world (Elzarka, 2012). Countless reports have been emerging from all corners of the globe suggesting that if institutions wish to remain competent and relevant in the 21st century, they need to embrace the opportunities offered by technology particularly in relation to teaching and learning practices (Edmunds, Thorpe & Conole, 2012).Though some researchers argue that technology is no silver bullet for transforming education or improving learner outcomes (Reich, 2012) however, it is reserved for students with special needs or regarded as an enrichment activity with little effect on how basic curriculum is addressed in the classroom (Norris and Soloway, 2015). The integration of technology into education has led to the growth of online learning platforms such as mobile learning and distance learning among others. Mobile learning or m-learning refers to a process of obtaining or providing educational content using portable handheld devices through wireless connection (Barreh and Abas, 2015). Mobile learning is perceived as an independent part of e-learning which

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