Technology Vs. Alloway: The Usage Of Technology

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Majority of the population have technology right at their finger tips, with a few swipes across a glass screen you have access to a world of information. This may not necessarily be a bad thing but there are consequences that we can not ignore. I, for one, am a prime examples of the negative effects that machines we love so dearly can have, my mom bought a computer when I was nearly five years old and I have been typing ever since, and to this day I am a terrible speller, "because why would I learn how to spell when the computer corrects me?" I can not even get to the other side of my city with out the reliance of a GPS and we all know that with out the help of google many of us would not have survived high school. I agree with Thomas that there is a correlation between the way we think and our usage of technology.…show more content…
in contrast, Alloway conducted a study on how technology has impacted the way we remember and process information. her conclusions were not astonishing, however if furthers the thought that while yes our reliance on technology has affected the way we think, it 's not really a bad thing. When compared to passive technology users, she found that active users were better a t processing information while passive users were able to focus on one thing better. However, in this technology age that thrives on quick information and 10 second commercials, active users may have the
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