Technology's Dependence On Technology: The Importance Of Technology

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Do you ever put down your phone just for the intention of watching the beautiful sunset? Do you let go of your chance to walk in closer to tell people that you love them? When I realise what I‘ve done, we’d just missed every precious moment that we make them slip through us. We should know we ourselves prohibit others from entering our life as we get to know our new friend called technology. We should admit technology brings so much betterness into our life but we also cannot deny the destruction it brings along. Yes, we improve, progress but we change so differently that we lose our passion to see our beautiful world is. As the world’s progressing, people’s dependence on technology become even stronger. As I can see, our creativity and communication regressing so adversely as how the world’s improving. To begin with,nowadays we tend to hinder our creativity development with the help of technology to easier our daily work. For the past centuries, we create poem, novel that we put our own unique idea into books to tell people how creative we are. But guess how, according to Seattlepi, Donald McCabe discovered about 40 percent of college students admitted including at least a few sentences

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